honda-cd-70-2013 price in Pakistan

Karachi: Atlas Honda Company launched 2013 Honda CD70 in Pakistan. New Honda CD 70 2013 is stylish, sophisticated and a eye catching look. It is described as ” Nice, Clean City Bike”.


Considering Fuel Consumption it is considered as the best in Pakistan. Powered by a Powerful 72cc 4 cycle engine which provides Power and Economy at the same time, CD 70 rules the roads of Pakistan!

Engine Specifications:

Displacement: 72cm

Engine: 4 Stroke Air Cooled Single Cylinder Overhead Cam

Bore and Stroke: 47 x 41.4mm

Ignition: Breaker Points (Later Models Upgraded to CDI)

Electrics: 6 Volts (Later Models Upgraded to 12 Volts)

Power: 6.5 PS (4.8 kW) @ 9,500 rpm

Transmission: 4 Speed (Primary Reduction: 3.722 ~ Final Reduction: 2.928)

Compression Ratio: 8.8:1

Fuel System: Carburetor

Valves: 2 Valves per Cylinder

Maximum Rotation Speed: 11,500 rpm

Top Speed: 90 km/h (53mph)

Curb Weight: 80 kg

Price in Pakistan:

Rs 65,000